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What do you “do”?

I am a life transformation coach for fearless women who are ready to climb out of the rut, get unstuck and start living life the way it was meant to be lived! Change is freakin’ scary!  I empower women to make the changes they’ve been too scared to make…or maybe the changes have been made and they’re like “What next?”

How did your online business journey begin?

About six years ago I went through a pretty painful divorce. With two children under four-years-old, I struggled as a single mom to keep my head above water. I was overwhelmed, working full-time as a Guidance Counselor, trying to pay off student loans/rent/car, and focus on the well-being of my two little boys. I focused too much of my time and energy worrying about things I had no control over.

During this time, one of my best friends (who’s a Life Coach) introduced me to the book “The Secret”  which explains how to use and apply the Law of Attraction. This book was the start of a new chapter in my life. My friend and I would get together consistently to talk about the concepts in the book and how we were applying them to our own lives.

The more I focused on the positive things in my life, the more I saw them. My relationship with my ex began to improve dramatically, my children seemed happier, I enjoyed my job more, money that I needed was coming to me, I was attracting the type of relationships that I craved, and I finally began to see past the struggle in my life.

I began working with my Life Coach friend and discovered that, through Life Coaching, I could have the kind of impact that I wanted to have. The next hurdle was moving from a full-time job with a consistent paycheck to an inconsistent business that I had no clue how to manage. I felt stuck and was asking the wrong questions, like “what if I fail?” I realized that by asking that question, I didn’t have faith. So I shifted my question to: “If I believed it were possible to be successful, if I believed I could not fail in my business, what would I do next?”

Where did you get the GUTS to start your own business?

I discovered through time that the only transformational change I ever saw in my life was always in the face of fear. I have always had a passion for rock climbing. The only time I ever got stronger and climbed harder, was when I wasn’t afraid to fall. I knew that climbing harder, meant taking falls. I learned so much from the falls. In life, I’ve learned that by staying in my comfort zone, I could never experience anything GREAT. It was the fear, coupled with excitement that pushed me forward and inspired me to build my own business, now called “Gravity Life Coaching” inspired by my passion for climbing and my love for the laws of the Universe.



I created my 12-week, signature program, “Stepping Stones” for women who want to transform their lives. Each step of this program was a part of the process that I went through to get me to where I am today.

I’ll never forget the day that I sold my first program. A woman who had connected with my story contacted me. I remember wondering what package I could pitch to her that would be reasonable and that she would want to purchase. About 15 minutes before I got on the call, I said “Wait a minute! I created this program for a reason and I’m going to sell it today for $1497!” Once I got on the phone with her I knew in my heart that she was meant for my program. I felt nervous about telling her the price, I kept questioning my abilities and asking “am I good enough to sell this?”

She was alarmed by the cost, but at the same time, knew that she needed this program. She promised me she was going to talk to her husband to see if they could make it work. I was tempted so many times to offer her a lower price, but I had to remind myself how much work I had put into creating this program. Within 30 minutes of hanging up with me, she sent me an email telling me that her husband wrote her a check and she would be dropping it in the mail the following day! I felt so much confidence, it’s a moment I will never forget!

What has been your biggest “money hurdle” and how do you deal with it?

My greatest hurdle has been my belief in myself, my belief that I’m good enough to make a lot of money. I grew up with a very limited money mindset. I believed that money was hard to come by and not for everyone. Getting past that hurdle has been the most work in this process. It is a work in progress that I still struggle with consistently. I find it helpful to listen to abundance affirmations. I have also created a vision board, and remind myself how far I’ve come. When I need money, I can attract it. It’s this belief that has continued to move me forward in my journey.

What other challenges do you face as an entrepreneur and how do you deal with them?

Marketing myself has been one of my greatest struggles. I find that women who are coaches and counselors, tend to be kind and gentle by nature. Promoting myself feels like I’m moving against the current. I deal with this by trying to reach my audience in a way that is authentic and real. The more I tell my story and offer strategies, blogs and videos, the more clients tend to gravitate towards me.

Where are you at in your business today and where do you want to be a year from now?

I need to constantly remind myself that small growth is still growth! I have clients very slowly filtering into my group programs, but would love to attract more 1:1 clients. I have a fully automated program that is just waiting for some action! In a year from now, I would love to be able to create an income in the 6 figures.

What systems, habits, or “tricks of the trade” do you use to help you move forward on a daily basis?

The biggest and scariest move I’ve made was to create 30 Facebook Live videos in 30 days. Although I dread these videos daily, I’ve found a definite increase in my following because of them! Live videos will definitely help you to grow your business. Your followers will see you being authentic and genuine. If they like what you have to say, they want to hear more! I’ve also found creating challenges in my Facebook group to grow my group has been helpful. I ran a challenge in which for each woman someone added to my group, their name was put into a basket. After one week, I chose a name out of the basket to receive a best-selling book.

What is the gutsiest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

It’s a toss up between bow-hunting by myself in the woods and harvesting my own deer to doing my live videos!

What is the gutsiest thing you’ve ever done as an online business owner?

Definitely doing my daily Facebook Live videos has been the gutsiest thing I’ve done!

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?

To not be afraid to promote myself, because you’re going to attract your ideal client when they absolutely love what you have to say! They will want you to promote yourself more!

If you were to start all over again, what might you do differently?

I would promote myself harder in the beginning, before I actually felt “ready.”

Favorite quote?

You are only as big as the dream you dare to live.

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This post is part of a blog series called “My First Thousand Dollars.” We understand how easy it is to get caught up in the “I-have-to-hit-6-figures-to-be-a-success” mentality. Focusing on 1-thousand dollars at a time is a healthier, more peaceful mindset. That first thousand dollars represents your true guts, grit, and grace. You can share your story HERE. 

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